Creature Creation - RATS (2016 - Dir Mark Logan) - Photo by Mike Shawcross / This Thing Called Photography

Creature Creation - MAB (2017 - Dir Katie Bonham) - Photo by Mike Shawcross / This Thing Called Photography

3rd Eye Prosthetic Make-Up Character Creation

Asakku Demon Prosthetic Character Creation

Evil Rabbit Character Creation - Photo by Ben Hopper

Demon Character Creation - Photo by Jacqueline Dunkley

'Ronnie' Full Face Prosthetic Character Creation My Bloody Banjo (2016 - Dir Liam Regan)

Full Head & Body Prop / Blunt force trauma to the head - Fanged Up (2017 - Dir Christian James)

Gory puppetry gag / Person stuck halfway inside another body - Fanged Up (2017 - Dir Christian James)

Decomposed Female Head Prop

Head Prop with bleeding blood rig - Change (2013 - Dir Mike Busson)

Stomach Dissection FX with Bleeding rig & Guts  - Dead Love (2013 - Dir Chris Gallagher)

Back Torso Prop with Stabbing Blood FX - Dissociative (2016 - Dir Damon Rickard) 

Gunshot Exit Blood Splatter FX My Bloody Banjo (2016 - Dir Liam Regan)

Gunshot Blood Squibs FX (non-explosive / air pressured)My Bloody Banjo (2016 - Dir Liam Regan)

Severed Head Props (various projects)

Bleeding Penis Dissection FX - SHE (2014 - Dir Chelsey Burdon & Mark Vessey)

Hand Prop with bleeding severed finger FX The Package (2015 - Dir Damon Rickard)

Throat Rip Prosthetic FX Make-Up - PSORO (2012 - Dir Wayne Daniells)

Severed Foot and Hand Prop - Dead Love (2013 - Dir Chris Gallagher)

Zombie Hand Make-Up FX

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