Mould Making

I create moulds from a variety of materials (plasters, silicones, epoxies, fibreglass), using simple and advanced techniques, to capture sculptures and lifecasts. The range of moulds I’m experienced in includes:

·        Single piece & flat moulds

·        Multi-piece moulds

·        Core moulds

·        Injection Moulds

·        Mother / Glove moulds

·        Matrix moulds

Example 1) Making a master negative mould in silicone and fiberglass, then casting out a positive cast.

Example 2) Creating a full body fiberglass mould for a creature suit

Example 3) Creating a 3 piece fiberglass mould for silicone injection.

Example 4) Creating epoxy core hands, from silicone moulds, taken from grounded up plaster casts

Example 5) Creating a plaster mould for a forehead prosthetic appliance

Example 6) Creating a 2 part character head plaster mould.

Example 7) Creating silicone flat moulds for encapsulated prosthetic transfers.

Other mould making process examples:

Wall of Clay applied to head sculpture.

Fiberglass mould for silicone prosthetic mask casting.

Negative and positive plaster mould for full facial prosthetic casts.

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